Stefan Plüss

Driving instructor Stefan Plüss


Good and sound driver training is very important in this day and age. Traffic has increased dramatically in recent decades. Difficult traffic situations require good knowledge and, above all, practical skills. I offer you expert knowledge, patience but also tips and tricks, so that you can move safely and accident-free in road traffic after passing the exam.

my priorities

  • You and your concerns

  • That you feel comfortable during the lesson

  • That you can achieve your goals

  • Mutual trust

  • Open communication

are you looking for the right driving instructor?

Driving instruction works when you feel understood and have confidence. Are you looking for a specialist who suits you? During our first conversation, you would get a first impression of me and my way of working.

I am a driving instructor and an adult educator. I offer my driving lessons in the agglomeration of Bern and in the city of Bern.