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Foreign driver's licenses

If you stay in Switzerland for more than 12 months (entry date according to the valid residence permit), you must exchange your foreign driver's license and license plates.

We recommend submitting the conversion request before the end of the 12 months so that you are entitled to drive without interruption.

If you drive a category B, B1, C, C1, D, D1 or F vehicle professionally, transport is not permitted before you receive the Swiss driver's license.

Information Department of Transportation (only in German and French) 

Important note:

A definitive driver's license is given to people with a foreign driver's license, that was issued before December 1, 2005 for category A or B or that was issued on December 1, 2005 or later and was already valid for at least one year when the holder took up residence in Switzerland.

Otherwise, the driver's license will be issued on a trial basis.

Price: Driving lesson (45 minutes) CHF 96.00 (No subscription and no insurance or administration fee.)


Google review of Driving School Stefan by Shivaraj Mb★★★★★ "I came to know about Stefan through one of my friends. Her impression was so positive and so without a second thought, I contacted Stefan.  He arranged our first appointment where he came, took a demo test and pointed out my strong and weak points. We started by focusing on my weak points. I took around 10 lessons before the exam. Each time he noted down my progress. After each class, I got my progress report via google sheets, where I can see my scores, my chances to clear the test, weak points where I should focus more, notes on what should be improved etc..   Apart from that, I got a self evaluation sheets where I can note myself on what I feel myself did right and didn't in each class. So, I always had the chance to look back at my mistakes and the strong side. I believe, it is most important for a learner as exchanging the license is not just about learning, but unlearning our old bad habits, relearning new techniques and thus a new traffic culture. During my classes, I made some terrible mistakes but I never saw him angry. Each time, he just explained to me the cause of the mistake and what can be done to avoid such mistakes in the future. He is always positive, a great teacher, a great mentor and of course a great supporter. I remember that on the day of my test, I was too nervous and he made me comfortable as always... And also I should add that, I successfully completed my test... If you are planning to have a teacher, there is no need to give a second thought. Just go ahead and call Stefan... This man has a great vibe. Thank you very much Stefan. 🙏"