Price list

No subscription and no insurance or administration fee.

Driving lesson (45 minutes) CHF 96.00
Driving lesson handicap (45 minutes) CHF 105.00
Senior citizens with their own car (60 minutes) CHF 110.00

Valid from 06.05.2020

"Stefan helped me exchange my Indian driving license to a Swiss one, and trained me to clear it on the first attempt. He understands what is students knows and trains them specifically on what is required. Once given the date of the test, even when I had forgotten he had called me and set up an appointment for training. Also I thought finding a good English speaking trainer in Switzerland would be a bottleneck, but Stefan surely helped me a lot with that and the whole process. He is very accommodating and would go one step further for the students comfort. Highly recommend his classes for anyone who would like to exchange or get a new license." Sai Krishnan Ganesh