What you need to know and be able to do when driving a car in Switzerland

  1. Know the signs and rules of the road

  2. Respect the rules of the road – e.g. speed limits, give way to the right, your headlights must be switched on during the day as well, etc.

  3. Good and safe vehicle operation

  4. Using Mirrors and checking the blind spot properly

  5. Correct signaling using the turn signals

  6. Correct lane changes and turns

  7. Adjusting your driving speed to the road, traffic, visibility, and load of the car

  8. Correct positioning and filtering on the road when turning, maneuvering, and choosing your lane

  9. Safe driving on all types of roads - e.g. on narrow - and winding roads, main - and secondary roads, mountain roads, expressways, and motorways

  10. Always drive according to the signpost in the corresponding direction as specified

  11. Perform the following maneuvers – forward parking, reverse parking, parallel parking, reversing and turn the car

  12. Perform an emergency brake from a speed of 50 km/h

  13. Protect the less capable road users, especially the elderly, the disabled, and children

  14. Recognize mistakes others make on the road and compensate for them

  15. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages and drive